Rozkład materiału z języka angielskiego I semestr – rok szkolny 2022/2023

No.Title      TytułKey vocabulary     Kluczowe słownictwoStructures and main receptive language   Struktury i kluczowe słownictwo bierne
1.What colour is your nose?Hello I’m Where are you? How are you? red yellow blue black pink eyes ears nose mouth hairHello! Bye – bye! See you soon! Sit down! Stand up! Make a circle! Knock, knock! Tidy up! Help me, please! Listen! Come here! Touch … Are you ready?  
2.At classbook pen desk pencil rubber bag notebook chair pencil crayon pencil case in onWhat is it? A (crayon), please. Thank you. The (book) is on the (desk). The (pen) is In the (pencil case).
3.Colourful foodapples lemon strawberry cherry blueberry orange pear Yummy! Yucky! Would you like some … Yes, please! eat! fruitWould you like some (apples), dear? Yes, yes, please. Here, here, here. Let’s have a picnic! Look! Smell! Put on the floor! Pick up! Point!
4.What’s the weather like?What’s the weather like? It’s suuny/windy/cloudy/ raining! Let’s go out! Put it on! Take it off! sunglasses scarf umbrella  What’s this/that? Listen! Yippee! Let’s sing a song! Look! Where’s the umbrella/the scarf? Can I have … (the scarf/the umbrella)?  
5.Let’s Count!doll ball teddy kite bike rocket helicopter green brown orange one two three magic boxWhere’s my toy? Is it a … (doll)? Look for the … (doll) with me! What colour’s this/that? Put it on the table/floor! Let’s count and jump!      
6.Chrismasstockings decorations milk and biscuits sleigh present Christmas tree Santa Claus Merry Christmas!  Santa Claus is coming! Give the card to somebody. Cut out … Pick up …  
7.Max is cold!hat scarf jumper coat boot It’s hot/cold! Wher is your … Put on your …  Just like me! Look, what’s that? Three… two…one…Stop! What colour is…? Turn around and close your eyes! Where is the …? Pass the bag! Take something out of the bag!